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inherited jewelry with gold rings, gold chain, silver wedding band, silver engagement ring, emerald stone with diamonds ring and antique Rolex watch

You may wonder where is the best place to sell your jewelry online. the answer is at auction and where better than at where we have a huge following from our over 30 years of buyers.  Our jewelry auctions are ongoing with daily online bidding and auctions closing every two months. 

image of gold wedding band and ear rings to sell at online auction

When considering where to sell jewelry such as your wedding band, gold engagement rings, diamond rings, loose diamonds, wedding rings, engagement rings, estate jewelry or inherited jewelry the best place is the place where it is easiest to consign, has a business history of many years and a landed location. With online platforms to sell your own jewelry posting a wedding ring for sale may not be safe or secure and will not gain the highest value for you. Sure, online apps are okay to sell an item when you meet in a public space such as  your local police station and their dedicated space for these types of meetings yet selling your diamond ring or gold engagement ring is never secure in any type of walk away transaction. 

antique jewelry with unique ring, custom designee ring, bracelet and old broach

It is best to remain safe and secure when selling your jewelry and sell it online at Our safe and secure process of consigning your jewelry for online sale by auction is a three step process. First you will visit our consign page and complete the form and submit images of your jewelry. Second, we will email you with the results of our initial review and provide you with details of the auction that is best suited to sell your gold wedding ring or diamond engagement band at. Third you will come to our offices where you will deliver your jewelry to us so that we can provide an in person check in, we will provide you with a consignors receipt.  

old used jewelry consigned to sell at a-1 auction Orlando, Florida turquoise bracelet with silver hardware

Once we have your jewelry in our possession we will photograph it, describe it and post it on our online auction gallery where bidding will begin that day. You can attend our live auction event on the day that we sell your jewelry and watch the in house live in person bidding and also the online bidding and watch your item sale close. You are not required to watch your jewelry, wedding band or inherited used jewelry items sell in person but we want you to know that you have that option. Within two weeks of the auction close you will receive your consignors check for the sale of your jewelry.