• All bidders must register to bid by providing a photo ID, current address, phone number and email address if applicable.
  • Written or oral descriptions are our opinions only and should in no way be construed as a guarantee or warranty of any kind. If you require absolute certainty in all areas of authenticity and the results of your evaluation leave uncertainty in your mind, we recommend do not bid on the item in question. The catalog is a guide only.
  • We do not give refunds. We will resell the item for you at a future auction at our normal commission rate.
  • All items must be paid for at the cashier’s desk prior to checkout. Payment may be made in cash, approved check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards. Buyer’s not known to us must provide proof of credit when paying by any means other than cash.
  • 20% Buyer’s Premium is added to the hammer price of all sales. 
  • All sales are subject to Florida Sales Tax unless a current Florida Certificate of Resale is on file at time of registration. No exceptions.
  • The buyer shall be the highest bidder. Should a tie occur or dispute arise, the auctioneer, at their discretion, reopen the bidding between the high bidders until item is sold. If a tie bid occurs with bidder online and floor bidder, the bid goes to the floor bidder.
  • Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bids that are deemed inappropriate or withdraw any item before or during the auction.
  • All successful online, absentee and phone bids must be paid within 5 business days of the auction. You will receive an email with invoice or verbal confirmation for your bids. Please pay you bill.
  • Item(s) can be stored free of charge up to 14 days after the auction. It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange pick-up and shipping. We will gladly provide you with local shippers whom we have confidence.
  • After 14 days a charge of $10 per day will be assessed. Items that accrue excessive storage costs or are abandoned due to buyer not arranging shipment will be resold at the auctioneers discretion and monies forfeited.
  • Auctioneer cannot and will not be held responsible for any interruption of service, errors and or omissions caused by malfunction of Internet. Every effort and safeguard is incorporated by auction to insure smooth running and transactions. However bidder acknowledges that unfortunate malfunction could occur due to any number of unforeseen circumstances. Auction will use its discretion to handle the sale of any item(s) affected by this situation.
  • In the event of an item incurring damage in transit by the shipping company selected by the buyer or otherwise, the responsibility of making a claim is the sole responsibility of these two parties. Auction will not be responsible or liable for damages incurred in shipment to buyer. We strongly recommend that you purchase insurance for the value of your purchase and all deliveries must have a signature upon receipt.
  • Buyer hereby agrees that any suit, action or legal proceeding arising out of or relation to the auction shall be brought solely and exclusively to the courts of the State of Florida in and for Orange County. Buyer further waives the right of jury trial, considering arbitration and reasonable means of reconciliation foremost.
  • Your registration at the auction guarantees that you have read and will abide by the “Terms and Conditions”. All sales are audiotape recorded for your protection and as well for the auction.
  • When the Auctioneer says, “sold” the title, of the property shall pass to the successful bidder, who thereupon assumes full risk and responsibility. The purchasers, at his risk and expense shall remove said property unless prior arrangements have been made with the auction.
  • Please contact us for free private consultation regarding the sale of your merchandise, be it one piece or entire estate.